The Many Perks of Being a Cat Person

The Many Perks of Being a Cat Person

What is it about owning a cat that just makes life better? After all, cat ownership isn’t all snuggles and purrs — it can be a big responsibility. They eat every day. (Who would’ve guessed?) They need routine health care, just like their owner. Some cats are serious fur factories, and some will hack up hairballs the size of a kitten. Despite all of the duties and challenges, owning a cat improves our lives. Let’s dive into how cats help humans.

human reach out to a friendly cat

The Myth of the Sour Puss

You’ve probably heard that cats are aloof, but that’s not always the case. They can be affectionate, playful and highly attached to their owners, much like a dog. It’s just that cats are at a disadvantage versus dogs because they don’t have the facial physiology that lets their canine counterparts “smile” all the time. 

So, don’t be fooled — cats are not only happy; they’re also immensely talented at bringing joy to their humans. In the market for crazy antics one minute, soft cuddles the next? Cats are a low-risk, high-yield investment in complex personalities.
cat curled up in a ball

The Good Feeling of Doing Good

With any cat adoption, you are literally saving that animal’s life. Plus, you’re supporting the organization you adopt from, which in turn allows them to help more animals in need, so you’re basically a hero. And all these good feelings happen before you even bring your new kitty home!

cat drinking water

Scratching that Itch for Cat Companionship

Who couldn’t use another friend? Especially one that’s a furry, adorable biscuit factory. Research shows that having a cat can reduce stress and increase confidence, and it’s hard to beat quality time with a cat for anxiety relief. Journalist Jane Pauley once said, “You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense.”
cat with feet above head

The Pitter-patter of Tiny Feet and Tinier Paws

Adopting a cat can be a great move for children, too. There’s no better way to nurture values such as responsibility and empathy than with a frolicky, purr-motored pal. A survey of parents found that children who had bonded with a feline friend enjoyed a higher quality of life. (They wanted to survey the cats too, but there was a sunny spot on the carpet that needed to be napped in, so …)

Cats are amazing. They entertain us by defying gravity and contorting themselves into spine-twisting postures. An inquisitive meow or a nudge with their head can totally banish a bad mood. They are the perfect companion to all. If you’re thinking about adding a cute, fluffy, serotonin-boosting kitty cat, this is your sign: Do it!