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A healthy is a happy dog. And good health starts with a healthy pet food. As the makers of IAMS®, we believe that when you give your dog a nutrious, balanced diet with the right blend of vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants, the difference is one you can see. A shiny coat and healthy skin, improved digestion and elevated energy levels are visible signs that IAMS® pet food formulas help dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives. When it comes to healthy dog food brands, trust the IAMS® brand difference.


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Our foods include protein sourced from real chicken and egg to build strong, firm muscles.


Beet pulp is added to our food to help your dog maintain intestinal health and aid his or her ability to absorb nutrients.


Our customized protein and carb mix contributes to healthy energy levels for your dog.
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Discover the IAMS® difference people are seeing in their dogs. #IAMSdifference
Her coat looks much better and she has more energy than ever.
- Tracy, MN
His coat is shinier and fluffier than ever--all the more reason to snuggle, right?
Rev's coat is super shiny since switching to @Iams, and he always finishes his bowl
Her digestion is better, and she's also way happier and full of energy!
Keeps his energy levels high.
- Sheppard AFB, Texas
What. A. Difference. He definitely has more spunk in his step and longer playful moments.
- Milwaukee, WI
He bounces with joy when he knows it’s meal time.
- Milford, CT
Ever since my puppy started eating #iams, his coat has been shinier and his digestion has been better
She’s very energetic, her coat is full and shiny.
- Fort Worth, Texas
It took less than a week for me to see the changes.
- Statesboro, GA
Her coat is shiny, has great checkups at the vet and is such a happy dog! Glad I chose this dog food! :)
- Urbandale, IA


What’s the right IAMS® food for my dog?

With thousands of different pet foods available, how do you pick the one that's right for your dog? Start by identifying the dog's life stage, lifestyle, and any medical conditions. Next compare food quality, decide on dry or wet food, compare ingredients, and finally do a price comparison. IAMS® has a full line of foods designed to accommodate a wide range of needs. Learn More

How do I safely change my dog’s food?

We recommend a 7-day transition. Start by mixing 75% of the old diet with 25% of the new diet for the first two days. On the third and forth days, mix the old and new diets 50/50. By the fifth and sixth day you can feed 75% new diet mixed with only 25% of the old diet. By the seventh day your dog will likely be ready for his or her new diet exclusively. Every dog is different, so be sure to pay attention to your dog’s progress and adjust the transition if needed.

What nutrients are essential for a healthy skin and coat?

Nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals play important roles in the skin and coat health of dogs. Your dog’s coat is made up almost entirely of protein. Vitamins and minerals important to your dog’s skin include A, E, C, and B2, biotin, zinc, and copper. Without the right quantity and quality of these essential nutrients, your dog’s coat will become dry, weak, and brittle or fall out. Learn More

How are dogs’ nutritional needs different from humans?

Good nutrition is as important to your dog’s health as it is to your own. But your dog’s nutritional needs are quite different from yours! In general, while a good human diet generally is high in fiber and low in fat, a dog needs more fat (for energy and a healthy skin and coat) and less fiber (for good intestinal health).
IAMS® believes dogs are best fed as carnivores because they have simple stomachs and short intestines that are ideal for digesting animal protein and animal fat. Dogs also can use carbohydrates for energy. Learn More

Why does IAMS® put beet pulp in its food?

Beet pulp is an important source of fiber that helps your dog maintain intestinal health and can promote his or her ability to absorb ingredients. Basically, beet pulp is the material that remains after sugar is extracted from sugar beets.

Where can I buy IAMS®?

IAMS® is available in most major grocery stores and pet specialty retailers as well as online. Find the store nearest you.
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What’s in IAMS®?

We believe that the right diet can do amazing things for pets, including boost immunity, help burn fat, help maintain muscle, help promote healthy digestion, aid in weight loss, and reduce tartar buildup.
Some of our most important ingredients are:
Beet Pulp
Fruits & Vegetables
Salmon & Oceanfish
Learn More


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