Medium-Breed Mature or Senior Dog’s Nutritional Needs

Unlike larger-breed dogs that are considered mature at 5, medium-breed dogs are usually called mature/senior at age 7. By this time, their nutritional requirements are changing. You can help keep your dog active, happy, and healthy with a specially formulated mature/senior diet that delivers highly digestible, enhanced nutrition.

The Signs of Aging

Your dog might be aging in a number of ways. He may have a dull, dry coat and flaky skin, declining activity or weight gain, decreased immune system response, more frequent intestinal problems, joint stiffness, and a loss of lean muscle mass. It's true that a mature/senior dog generally needs fewer calories, but to address special mature/senior concerns, your dog still needs high-quality protein and carefully balanced nutrients.

What to Look For in a Mature/Senior Diet

What your dog needs is a high-quality, balanced maintenance food formulated for his changing metabolism. Look for options with these age-essential dietary components:

  • Vitamin-rich fish oils for healthy skin, a shiny coat, and overall health
  • Antioxidants such as vitamin E and beta-carotene to help boost the immune system
  • High-quality animal-based protein sources to help maintain muscle mass
  • A special fiber source, such as beet pulp, to help maintain intestinal health and enhance your dog's ability to absorb age-essential nutrients
  • A special carbohydrate blend of healthy grains for sustained energy


These ingredients are the keys to mature/senior nutrition whether you feed dry or wet dog food or give your dog treats.

Special Needs

Older, less active dogs are prone to weight gain. Controlling your dog's weight can help minimize health complications such as diabetes or joint stress. Your dog can benefit from a weight-control diet with these key characteristics:

  • A reduced fat level that still offers essential nutrients for skin and coat health
  • L-carnitine, a key nutrient that helps burn fat and maintain muscle mass during weight loss
  • Special carbohydrate blends that help maintain energy while managing weight
  • Vitamin-rich fish oils for overall health