The Role of Protein, Fat, and Fiber in Your Cat's Diet

The Importance of High-Quality Protein

Not all protein sources are the same. Cats are carnivores, and IAMS® cat food contains animal-based proteins that provide all the essential amino acid requirements for cats. We use only high-quality, highly digestible protein sources.

Unique Fatty Acids in Our Foods

Fatty acids are a key part of complete cat nutrition. They maintain healthy skin, a shiny coat, proper membrane structure, and overall health. All IAMS products contain sources of these fatty acids.

Moderately Fermentable Fiber

Our research has shown that moderately fermentable fiber enhances intestinal health. All IAMS cat foods, including IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS HEALTHY KITTEN PATÉ - CHICKEN, contain a fiber system of moderately fermentable fiber to help keep your cat's digestive system healthy, providing energy for intestinal cells and bulk for mobility.